What If My Ex Girlfriend Is Dating Someone Else?

Is your ex girlfriend is dating someone else right after you broke up? If so, It’s INCREDIBLY painful when you hear the news. You’re probably feeling absolutely destroyed. It is normal to feel that way but there are 5 good reasons why you can feel better about your ex girlfriend dating someone else. I’m here to help you.

1. 90% Of Rebound Relationships Don’t Work Out After One Month. “Ashley Kay”

When someone jumps into dating someone right after a break up it usually means that they are getting into it for all the wrong reasons. When people start dating and they are serious about each other they will have deep feelings. This often is not the case when your ex girlfriend starts dating right after a breakup.

The reason that rebound relationships occur are:

  • They are trying to cope with the pain of the break up.
  • They are trying to replace what they have lost.
  • They are trying to make sense of their feelings.
  • They are trying to make you jealous.
  • They are trying to get revenge.

If these are the reasons that their rebound relationship is occurring that means that they actually have strong feelings for you.

2. It Could Mean That Your Ex Has Strong Feelings For You

Love between two people just doesn’t go away instantly. If your ex girlfriend was dating for a long time they will still have feelings for you. Hopefully this will make you feel better. They are just trying to replace you but they most likely will not succeed. You guys have too much to just be replaced in a week or two. Since you now know that they still has feelings for you it is just a matter of knowing what to do to fix the problems you have and then it is possible to start dating again.

3. You And Your Ex Still Have A Chance

First you need to now how to get your ex back. Also, In order to make this possible you need to act the right way toward your ex girlfriend and their new partner. If you act very upset about it and tell your ex girlfriend that they can’t date someone else they will just get pushed further away from you. It is best if you accept that they are dating this person.

Congratulate them on finding happiness. It’s very important you do this in a genuine tone and not an upset, sarcastic tone. Then you have to go on with your life being excited about what is happening for you. It can be what’s going on in your career or your love life. Just find happiness without them for right now. It will help to bring them back into your life.

4. The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side” Illusion

When someone is looking at something without experiencing it it is very easy to only see the good about it and not the bad. Once they have been dating this new person for awhile they will realize that they aren’t as good as they thought. Nobody is perfect and eventually the truth will come out. The new fresh feeling that you get from dating someone else will end quickly.

This honeymoon stage they are in will end because they don’t have real feelings for this person. This will be the end of their relationship as they are probably not serious about it. DO NOT tell them this. They will take it as a challenge and try harder to prove to you that it is real when it is in fact not. That is why you have to act happy for them.

5. You And Your Ex Have History Together: They Don’t

This is important because the more time you spend dating someone the harder they are to forget. This means that your ex will easily forget their new partner but they won’t forget you. Since they won’t forget you they are going to be constantly comparing their new partner to you. This will be to your advantage because they will see over time that their new partner isn’t so great and they will begin to miss the good things about you.


So Do You Want Your Ex  Girlfriend Back?

If you want to get them back you need to do everything right.

In order to do everything right you need to know EXACTLY what to do to get your ex back. If you make lots of mistakes you probably WON’T ever get them back.

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