Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Are you looking for the signs your ex wants you back? I will share with you these signs in a very short moment but first I want to tell you that you’re on the right path. Searching for knowledge will give you the capability to accomplish anything. Don’t stop after this one article, keep searching. So now…


The good news:  Love is built over time and it usually takes more than one angry break-up to truly end things.  Feelings are deep-seated and they still feel something for you. This means that you have an advantage in getting your ex back.

When you’re looking for these signs be careful to not misinterpret them.  You need to observe carefully. You need to think about everything that they are saying and doing right now.   Your own feelings can be so strong that they can cause you to READ INTO your Ex’s behaviors and so you need to be very sure you are not misreading them.

The following signs that they want you back can be found all over the place if you know where to look.
Here are the signs to look for:

  1. Emotional Words And Actions

Think about all the emotional words and actions that your Ex has shown.  Emotional words and actions, like anger, show that there are still deep seated feelings. You can still work with with their anger but you can’t ignore it.  If you ignore it you will fix nothing.  But if you can stop and focus on why they are angry and think about how you can turn these negative emotions back into the love that created them, then you are on the right track to turning this around.

Remember: It is EASIER to change HATE to LOVE than indifferance to love.

HATE is a sign the person actually still LOVES you.

Anytime your Ex reacts to you strongly whether it be hate, anger, mixed emotions, envy, guilt, or even jealousy this is a sign that they still LOVE YOU.

Another sign is if they act EXCESSIVELY COLD to you. If they just seem to be mean to you for absolutely no reason. This means that they still have feelings for you.

Each of these can be turned into love.

  1. Your Ex Wants To Be Friends With You

Do they still want to hang out just as friends? This applies even if your ex is dating someone else.

These signs are good because they don’t want to completely remove you from their lives. They still VALUE you as a companion. They may not be thinking that they ever want to be with you right now but deep down they know it is still possible.

Most people recommend that you do not actually be friends with them. Usually if they want to be friends and not lovers it’s best to use the no contact rule.

  1. Your Ex Still Contacts You

This means that they still think about you and is a sign they could want you back.

When contacting you look for these GOOD signs they want you back:

      1. They ask for your advice. This means that they still value and respect you as a friend and a companion.
      2. They tell you what is going on in their life. They want you to know for a reason. This is shows that they’re still comfortable with you.
      3. They want to talk about your relationship.
      4. They want to ‘just talk’.
      5. They seem to be ungenuinely competitive when it comes to showing how HAPPY they ARE. This means they’re either trying to convince themselves how much they’re over you or it means they’re trying to win you back. Either way, this is a REALLY good sign that you can get them back.

Neutral signs they want you back:

      1. They seem to only talk about LOGISTICAL things like: who gets the cat?
      2. They avoid personal discussion of any sort.
      3. They seem to genuinely not care about anything related to you.
  1. When Your Ex’s Friends Or Family Contact You

This could mean alot of things and is not necessarily signs they want you back.  Perhaps they want to make sure that your relationship with them continues even though your relationship with your ex is finished.  Perhaps they would like to see things work out and are actively working with both of you guys to achieve this goal.  Perhaps your ex has put them up to contacting you as a way of getting information from you about the relationship.  It is very important that you consider how you talk to and treat your ex’s family and friends as it could be an important way to move things along positively.

So Now That You Know The Signs… What Do They Mean?

So why are they doing these behaviors?

      1. Are they trying to get over anger or guilt?
      2. Are they just lonely?
      3. Do they need to feel wanted and loved?
      4. Do they want to feel that everything is just OK?
      5. Are they afraid of committing?
      6. Do they not trust you?
      7. Do they think you don’t love them?
      8. Do they think you aren’t willing to work on the relationship?

Signs your ex wants you backThere can be a number of reasons why these things are happening.  Let me just remind you of something.  NO ONE CARES AS MUCH AS YOU IF YOU SUCCEED OR NOT.   You need to make things happen for yourself.  In order to get them back, you need to make them feel like a relationship with you is NEW and REFRESHING.  It simply cannot be the old relationship anymore.  It has to be something that makes them happier to be WITH you than without you.  You ABSOLUTELY MUST regain their TRUST.  Make sense?

How do you do it?

You need an exact PLAN on how to get your ex back. You need to know what you’re doing and stop making guesses as to what you should do.

If you don’t know what to do or how to talk to them you’re going to end up NOT GETTING THEM BACK.

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